Since 2013 Destination Driving School has been located and operating in Montreal, Quebec. It has been one of the leading institutions in providing safe and conscientious drivers in the city.

The Road Safety Education Program was created in 2010 as a framework to help learners build a strong foundation with driving technics and co-currently becoming an independent driver. Destination Driving School provides professional driving technics and feedback to help one achieve this complex task.


  • Our Trainers

    Today, Destination Driving School is one of the best Road Safety Trainers in Quebec, Recognized by SAAQ and AQTR .

  • Business Details

    Destination Driving school adhere to well established enterprise policies and high quality standards.

  • Our Success

    With a high success rate,Destination Driving School is able to deliver an upbeat vibe which remains educational as they properly prepare students to be the safest, cooperative, responsible drivers they can be.